Liz Cass (Brown), Opera Singer Extraordinaire

I assisted on a photo shoot with Eric Doggett earlier this week for Austin's-own opera singer, Liz Cass (Brown). I helped with setup, took some video and mostly tried to stay out of his way. His photos have an amazing energy and beautiful lighting. I tried to absorb as much as I could w/out asking him too many pesky questions (but it was hard, he has so much gear!). His photos came out amazing - check them out over at his blog. I hope to work w/ him again. 

Here are some of the behind-the-scenes photos that I took at the shoot (the rest can be found on Flickr):

We started out at the Jackalope, a cool, shadowy bar on 6th Street. Martini

Liz Cass (Brown), Opera Singer Extraordinaire

Tim says that 11 AM on a Monday is Beer-Thirty (it's ok, it was a holiday) Tim, Beer-Thirty

Melanie Steele was on hand for make-up (she did a beautiful job, as always) Touch-ups

The last part of the day was spent splashing around at the fountain by the Long Center. When Liz first walked into the water someone said 'Oh, be careful, you'll get your pretty dress wet." We told them that was the point, and they really got into it. The kids ran around w/ her and she laughed and posed. It was a lot of fun. Queen of the Fountain

Splish splash

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