New Mexico: A Visual and Spiritual Journey

I mentioned I went to New Mexico in July for a photography workshop, but haven't said much about it since. It's not that I don't want to share details and photos with you fine folks, but I've been working on some exciting things surrounding the project and didn't want to jinx anything.

Within the past few weeks the project has solidified and I finally feel like I can share the news.

I will be participating in my first photography show on Thurs, Sept 25 at Little City in downtown Austin. Me and six other photographers will each be showing two pieces from the trip. It's been a long few months of planning, and I'm incredibly excited that it's finally come together. One of my friends in the project said on Friday, "Two months ago when the show first came up I thought, yea, good idea, but gave it 50/50 of pulling it off. Now that the prints are done, the place has been reserved, food ordered, etc, this is going to happen. I'll tell you, at 10:01pm, September 25th, either I'll be totally spent, or so wired that I'll be up till 2am." I say the latter, but that's just me.

Here is the promotional card for the show. If you are in Austin, I hope you can stop by.

(Speaking of the promo card. That stellar photo was taking by Tony Johnson, who is one of the photographers in the show, and the card design is by our very own Jef Hahl. Thanks to both of them for contributing).

New Mexico: A Visual and Spiritual Journey

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