Zach and Tammy

My friends, Zach and Tammy, got married on Saturday. Zach has a crazy stressful job so I haven't seen him in a few weeks, and Tammy is in Med School, so it's been even longer since I've seen her. I'm used to seeing them very focused, but they were so relaxed and HAPPY on Saturday. I know everyone is happy on their wedding day, but it was incredible - it was like they were floating 10 feet above us. And Zach's best man, his DAD, gave the best toast I've ever heard at a wedding. I'm sorry to all the weddings I've been to before, but the toast had it all. Laughing, crying, and how sweet to make your dad your best man! Here are a few of my pictures. I didn't take many, they had a nice photographer, but I couldn't resist the first dance.

Zach and Tammy - First Dance

Zach and Tammy - First Dip

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