Rinku & Himanshu ~ Jan 2009

My friend, Rinku, was married this past weekend. It was the first traditional Indian wedding I'd ever been to - it was unbelievably beautiful. I wish I'd done some research ahead of time so I knew better what everything meant, but that's ok. It was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen, even if I didn't understand everything. :)

I didn't take many photos at the wedding itself, she had a great photographer that day named Jesus Tirso from Decca Phototography. I can't wait to see his photos. I did, however, take photos a few days earlier when she had her Mehndi ceremony - that is the traditional application of decorative henna to her hands and feet. I've always adored henna, and this artist was amazing. I'm glad we got pictures, it's hard to believe this work will just fade away.

Wedding Invitation
Wedding Invitation

Bridal Mehndi ~ Initials Traditionally the artist hides the groom's (or in this case, the couple's) initials in the pattern and the man has to sit with his finance until he finds them. I hear 'Eagle Eyes' Himanshu did very well.
Bridal Mehndi ~ The Initials

Bridal Mehndi ~ Rinku
Bridal Mehndi

Bridal Mehndi ~ Hands
Bridal Mehndi

Wedding ~ The families meet
The families meet

Wedding Ceremony

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