A Second Chance

Earlier this year I took a workshop with National Geographic documentary photographer, Raul Touzon. It was an incredible experience, he pushed me further in those 4 days than I'd gone in the entire previous year.

He came back a few weeks ago to teach the workshop again and I had the good fortune of assisting with another fellow student, Susan Beth. If you think assisting sounds like fun, well... it was. BUT let me assure you he didn't let either of us slack just because we weren't IN the class. He grilled us about our current projects, reviewed our portfolios and gave feedback, and insisted that when he came back in April we have something more to show him.

Here are a images from our day of shooting at the Broken Spoke. I spent most of my time helping the class, which was great. I really enjoyed seeing the creativity and how their images evolved throughout the day.

(These are straight out of the camera, no cropping or editing. Per Raul's instructions. :)


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