Available Light

I took a short workshop with Michael Long this weekend that focused on advanced portraiture and available light. I'd never worked w/ Michael before, and I was pleasantly surprised. We met at a great old farm north of Georgetown and worked with two beautiful, fun models. The light was challenging - bright midday sun and dark interiors - easy to become frustrated with all the harsh shadows. We focused on the positives and made the best out of what we had.

All said and done - remind me to never call light like this challenging ever again. After setting the models up over and over, you realize it's about making the light work to your advantage.

Thank you, Michael! And thanks to Craig and Erin for such a fun afternoon. I had a great time!

These are a few of my favorites (straight out of the camera). (Oh, and about the goat. I don't have an explanation for that except to say that we were on a farm and baby goats are cuuuute.)

© 2013 kristin farwell, karmalized photography