Rachael + Dan @ Chapel Dulcinea

Rachael and Dan were married at Chapel Dulcinea. It was bright and sunny, but not too hot, a perfect Texas spring day. I absolutely loved this wedding. Rachael and Dan are sweet and calm - no last minute drama here! Some weddings are 10 hours packed into 5, and you're rushing from start to finish. The groom let us know this would be more like 1 hour packed into 5. Things would be pretty laid back. He wasn't kidding!

We started the day with a beautiful ceremony at Chapel Dulcinea. From there the party moved to Duchman Family Winery and everyone enjoyed a luxurious and leisurely dinner from Trattoria Lisina. Like the rest of the day it was low stress and full of laughter and love. A perfect way to start their marriage. 

Thanks to Daniel C. Photography for the opportunity to shoot this with you!

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