The Men From Nantucket - 5th Final Show

I'm sure I've mentioned The Men From Nantucket here before. Oh yes! Here, here, here and here! They are a great Austin band that broke up right as Jef and I moved to town. We got here just in time to see their final show (and the rehearsal for the final show since I was roommates w/ the lead singer and drummer at the time). For a band that hasn't officially existed as long as we've lived here, I've become quite a fan thanks to their many reunion shows.

A few weeks ago they had their 5th Final Show at Elysium. Loved seeing the boys back together again and anytime I see Waiting for August is a good day.

Hey Harrison!

I took pictures of Harrison, one of my favoritist almost-two-year olds in all of Austin, and his family a few weeks ago down on South Congress. We visited the Big Top Candy Shop (not sure who had more fun in there, me or Harrison) and then went to the South Austin Firestation. If you haven't been there, I highly recommend it. The folks there could NOT be nicer. Last on the list was Hey Cupcake. I'll let the photos speak for themselves on that one. What do you think, did he have a good time?

Brooks' on S. Congress - Oct 2010

Brooks' on S. Congress - Oct 2010

Brooks' on S. Congress - Oct 2010

Brooks' on S. Congress - Oct 2010

Brooks' on S. Congress - Oct 2010

Brooks' on S. Congress - Oct 2010

Brooks' on S. Congress - Oct 2010

Brooks' on S. Congress - Oct 2010

Cathedral of Junk

Vince Hannemann started constructing the Cathedral of Junk in his back yard in 1988. Since then, the strange structure has become a three-story, 60-ton South Austin landmark and an icon of roadside Americana. Sadly, at the time of this post, the Cathedral is in danger of closing due to code violations. We'll know it's fate in a few short days (they have until March 31, 2010 to bring it to compliance – or they will bulldoze it). Cross your fingers folks, this is an Austin institution.

More information and ways to help are on the 'Save the Junk' website.

SXSW 2010

Another year, another SXSW. I didn't participate much this year, but it would be tragic for something this epic to be in our town and not bear a little witness. I was only downtown one afternoon, but it's easy to get swept up with all that energy and passion in a span of few downtown blocks.

A few of my favorites photos are below, full set is on Flickr.

Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings:

Courtney Love / Hole:

The media frenzy that is Courtney Love / Hole:

The inevitable "LA'ing" of Austin:

These guys are called Battlehooch and are from San Francisco. Hands down the most fun I had all day.

Just hangin' out in their Super suits. Like ya do.

Simple and classic. A great way to end SXSW.


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