Student Headshots for the Armstrong Community Music School

Awhile back I had the pleasure of taking headshots of some wonderfully talented young students at the Armstrong Community Music School. The students were from all around Texas, just in town for a vocal workshop. It was an amazing opportunity for them (and so much fun for me!).

If you are in the vocal industry, keep an eye out for these faces. They are up and coming and will no doubt be taking the industry by storm any day now!

Liliana & Marshall: Married!!

Liliana and Marshall were married on 09.10.11 in a small ceremony with friends and family and then had a fun, swank reception at the beautiful Driskill Hotel. They prepared me ahead of time their family was very welcoming and by the end of the day I'd feel like one of the gang. I'll be honest, it didn't take near that long. I was invited to brunch, welcomed to partake in the homemade paella and pulled on the dance floor nearly every song. This, folks, is why I love what I do.

Congratulations, Liliana and Marshall! I loved being part of your special day. I'm so glad we were able to work together!

Below is a selection of my favorite photos. The rest of the gallery can be found here.


Liliana & Marshall: Engaged!

Liliana and Marshall are the sweetest couple. We connected a little last minute, and thankfully I had their date available. In situations like that, sometimes things get a little chaotic or rushed, but not with these guys. They were so calm and laid back, everything just fell right in to place - like it was meant to be. The more I get to know this couple, the more I see that's how they are in everything they do. What a great way to start their life together.

For those of you who attended the wedding last weekend, the photos will be posted within 2-3 weeks. I can't wait for you all to see them!

On an sidenote, this awesome couple found me through a photographer I'd met last year at an event called Help Portrait Austin. Help-Portrait is a community of photographers, coming together across the world, to use their photography skills to give back to their local community. This year's event is on December 10, 2011. If you are a photographer, make-up artist, hair stylist, or just want to help out, they can always use a hand. You can find more information at

Columbia High School 25 Year Reunion

A few weeks back I was chatting with my friend, Kim, about her upcoming High School reunion. All the planning was coming together and she was so excited to see everyone. The only thing left was to find a photographer. And just like that, her 'to do' list was a 'done list'! Well, sort of. I gave her ONE homework assignment - find a few props for the photo booth that would relate to her reunion buddies (yearbook, pom-poms, etc.). Not only did she bring those, she went above and beyond. I want to say it was my charming personality that kept them coming back to the booth all night, but the props were amazing. Thank you, Kim! You get extra credit.

Happy 25 Year Reunion, Columbia High School! You were a blast to hang out with and SO nice. I hope to see you all again at your 30th!

A selection of photos is below, the full gallery of photos can be found here.

Smith Family: Arianna @ 6 Months

I took photos of Baby Arianna when she was a tiny newborn, so I couldn't believe when it was already time for her time for her 6 month session! It's amazing how much they change in these first few months. She laughs and smiles and has such a sweet, curious personality. And those eyes! She can't talk just yet (but that doesn't stop her from trying), but her eyes speak volumes!

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